Sustainable Behaviour

‚ÄčConsumption patterns are changing. Demand is growing for higher safety and quality standards as well as more environmentally friendly goods and services. What contributions are people willing to make voluntarily, what encourages sustainable consumer behaviour in individuals? What role do environmental education, education for sustainable development (continuing education and training) and communication play? How do raw material producers, the processing industry and the retail sector perceive and react to changes in consumer habits?

The significance of product labels and information on consumer behaviour is increasing. But how does consumer behaviour actually change from a behavioural economic perspective?

 Ongoing research projects



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Rebound Effects of the Sharing EconomyRebound Effects of the Sharing Economy Dr. Claudia R. Binder
Sustainable consumer behaviourSustainable consumer behaviour Dr. Renate Schubert
The influence of environmental identitiesThe influence of environmental identities Dr. Sandor Czellar

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