Policy recommendations

​New solutions are needed for a sustainable economy. Incentives for innovation and its dissemination are promoted, inter alia, by means of appropriate political and legal parameters and best practice examples.

Depending on the policy instruments chosen, however, a sustainable economy could also entail competitive disadvantages and risks. In which areas would Switzerland benefit from taking on a pioneering role? What obstacles stand in the way of this, and where does a pioneering role come into conflict with competitiveness? The research projects assess the corresponding risks and opportunities and analyse the institutional and political framework conditions that are relevant for promoting the potential of the Swiss economy.

 Ongoing research projects



Green labour market effectsGreen labour market effects Rolf Weder
Legal framework for a resource-efficient circular economyLegal framework for a resource-efficient circular economy Dr. Sebastian Heselhaus
Sustainable Trade Relations for Diversified Food SystemsSustainable Trade Relations for Diversified Food Systems iur. Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi
Switzerland’s sustainability footprintSwitzerland’s sustainability footprint Dr. Joseph Francois
Voluntary corporate environmental initiativesVoluntary corporate environmental initiatives Dr. Thomas Bernauer

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