Council of States Member Ruedi Noser joins Sounding Board

Ständerat Ruedi Noser

Ruedi Noser expects research to deliver solutions that will decouple economic growth and prosperity from resource consumption.

Ruedi Noser, entrepreneur and Member of the Council of States, is the owner of Noser Group, which currently employs 500 people and is one of Switzerland's biggest ICT companies.

His political career started in 1999 when he was elected to the Zurich Cantonal Parliament. He was elected a National Councillor in 2003 and a Member of the Council of States in 2015.

He is President of the Swiss Innovation Park, an organisation that aims to bring global corperations and their research departments to Switzerland. Furthermore, he works to encourage entrepreneurship among young people as President of Young Enterprise Switzerland and to promote regional agricultural products as Chairman of the Board of Directors of natürli zürioberland AG.

Ruedi Noser advocates a liberal environmental policy and wants Switzerland to be a strong, internationally networked business location characterised by sustainable solutions. His political and practical experience of the circular economy, agriculture, public procurement and competition (e.g. technical barriers to trade) is directly or indirectly relevant to several research projects in NRP 73. He will be able to build bridges for NRP 73 in these areas.

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Ständerat Ruedi Noser c/o Noser Management AG Herostrasse 12 8048 Zürich